Who is this guy?

I discover, evaluate and implement new technology to empower creative ideas.

In 2020 I co-founded . We offer strategic advice around technology, marketing and the blend of the two, and we can make that advice a reality too.

My background is pretty varied. I studied Graphic Design at Art School, then undertook a Computer Science degree. It wasn't long before I was blending the two together in agency land . When there, I went to AWARD school to enhance my advertising acumen.

Fast forward a decade and I’ve worked with big brands and small on projects of all shapes and sizes. Mainly online, but physical as well (called ‘experiential’ in marketing jargon). More recently I’ve been creating solutions for clients at a higher level: connecting different technologies together to acheive their goals in an effective manner. No matter the style of project though, there's a common theme that gets me out of bed: problem solving.

These days, I get my kicks from orchestrating projects from their conception to reality, guiding the right people to acheive their best whilst upholding the vision for what we can acheive. You can read a little more on my LinkedIn profile .

Away from the computer, I’m a big fan of motorbikes. I currently have four three machines in the garage: a Ducati Scrambler, a Royal Enfield Himalayan, and a 1970 Honda CB 450. I’m also an avid gamer, and dabble in illustration when the motivation arises.

Want to have a chat?

The easiest way is to ping me a message below. Of course, we can also connect on LinkedIn, and while I’m pretty passive on Twitter , if you send me a DM I’m sure to see it.